‘s fiancee could be in trouble herself after filming a clip inside prison when she made visited her revenge porn partner.

Jessica Smith, 28, filmed herself in a waiting room at HMP Chelmsford seeing Bear, who is serving a 21-month jail term.

Bear was put on the Sex Offenders Register for ten years and given a five-year restraining order that told him not to contact Georgia.

Even so, Ms Smith booked a time to see him in prison. On TikTok she said:  ‘Come with me on a visit to see my boyfriend.’ 

 Jessica Smith (pictured) posted a clip to TikTok from waiting room of prison

Her video, which was posted to social media site TikTok, showed her wearing an HMP wristband

Jessica Smith opted for a skintight black cat suit to visit her fiancee Stephen Bear in prison

She has stuck by her banged up boyfriend Stephen Bear, who was jailed for 21 months

‘Brb crying’: Last night Bear shared a video of himself and his current fiancée Jessica Smith hours where he was shown kissing and cuddling his current lover

Bear and Georgia Harrison , 27, (pictured outside Chelmsford Crown Court today) were captured having sex on CCTV cameras in Bear’s garden on August 2, 2020.He then shared the footage on subscription website OnlyFans

Bear was put on the Sex Offenders Register for sex ten years and given a five-year restraining order that told him not to contact Georgia Harrison. 

Ms Smith, 28, said on Tiktok: ‘Come with me on a visit to see my boyfriend.’

She put on the kettle and fed her three dogs before dressing up to see her inmate boyfriend.

She said there was ‘lots of waiting around’ outside the prison.

In the short clip her wrist, with an HMP wristband on, porn was seen.

After the visit she wrote: ‘So good to see him but sad because I can’t see him for another two weeks.’

She was skirting close to breaking the 1952 Prison Act, which says: ‘[It is an offence to] take a photograph, or make a sound-recording, inside a prison or [transmit] any image from inside a prison by electronic communications for simultaneous reception outside the prison.’

The Act also stated if a person is found guilty of this offence they could face ‘conviction on indictment, to imprisonment for a term not exceeding two years or to a fine (or both).’

A Home Office source said she dodged breaking the rule because she filmed in the waiting room rather than in the prison itself. 

Ms Smith told her followers she will marry her banged up boyfriend in 2024.

Bear proposed to Ms Smith at the Moulin Rouge, Paris, before he was sentenced.

At sentencing judge Christopher Morgan said a jail term was ‘only appropriate’.

He said Bear ‘deliberately lied’ to ‘exploit the economic value’ of the tape.

The court previously heard Bear’s victim, Ms Harrison –  who has appeared on The Only Way Is Essex, Love Island and Olivia Meets Her Match –  was oblivious she had been secretly filmed and had begged Bear not to share the footage when he showed it to her. 

Yet Bear ignored her desperate pleas and went on to share the intimate footage on WhatsApp and the online subscription site.  

He had denied all charges.

But l and films with intent to cause distress.

He was found guilty by a majority verdict of 10 jurors to two of voyeurism.

After Bear was convicted, Ms Harrison said the last two years had been ‘absolute hell’ and accused the shameless reality star of ‘hanging her on the wall for millions to see’.

Waiving her right to legal anonymity to speak out, the courageous reality star said: ‘I hope me taking a stand gives other men and women who have fallen victim to revenge porn the courage to seek justice and most importantly show them that they have absolutely nothing to be ashamed of.

‘I have felt ashamed, hurt, violated, even broken at times but today I stand here feeling empowered, grateful and a huge sense of unity with all of those who have reached out to support me throughout this ordeal.

Bear had been due for sentencing on January 31 but the hearing was postponed by a month for a month for psychiatric report.

Dressed all in black, the convicted pervert Stephen Bear arrived at Chelmsford Crown Court to be sentenced after releasing a private sex tape of him and his ex-girlfriend, Love Island star Georgia Harrison on OnlyFans 

Stephen Bear was quizzed by the press as he arrived at Chelmsford Crown Court for his sentencing hearing

Bear’s victim, Georgia Harrison (left) arrived at court to witness the pervert’s sentencing.She was accompanied by her mother Nicola (right) and Michelle Roycroft of Holcon Associates

Bear’s father – who is also called Stephen Bear – pictured arriving at Chelmsford Crown Court to watch his son being sentenced for releasing his sex tape with ex Georgia Harrison

Ms Harrison told the trial she met Bear in 2012 and the two went on the reality show The Challenge in 2018, where they began a relationship.The pair are pictured together in 2019

But during his last hearing, the convicted pervert spoke out in court after the jury returned their verdicts. 

Wearing a black suit and tie, Bear said: ‘In my opinion from the very beginning it was never a fair trial, what the press said against me.

‘I was fighting a losing battle and it is what it is.’