Attract More Birds in Your Garden by Feeding Them with Niger Seeds

If you have a lovely garden and wish to have many birds chirping around in joy then the best way is to have a bird feeder installed in your garden and fill it with some Niger seeds regularly.They are cultivated in various parts of Asia, India and Africa. This is a black colored seed and is rich in oil content and is loaded with calories. It is a favorite of many birds, which explains why you will find finches, wild birds and many other small birds frequenting your garden.

Why should you feed the birds with Niger seeds?

Birds like red polls, finches, gold finches and siskins love them in black that you can find them devouring it in your garden almost every day.As said earlier, they are best for birds in cold months as the presence of high protein in it helps in re-growth of their feathers during their mounting stage.

If you wish to feed your winged friends in a better way then make sure that you purchase a feeder designed especially for Niger seeds as it is a bit heavy and can withstand winds blowing with high speed.Hence you can stay assured that the seeds will not spill on the ground.Make sure that you purchase a Niger seed feeder for birds along with a tray fitted to it as it would help to avoid its wastage.

What must you remember while feeding Niger seeds to birds?

It is important for Birding competitions ( you to remember a few pointers before you proceed to purchase Niger seeds for birds as you must make sure that you learn every aspect about it before you give it to your little friends at the garden.

  1. Purchase only in less amounts: When you go to purchase, make sure that you don't stock up too much as the presence of oil in the seeds would make it very dry if you store it for a long time.

    Birds will not eat such dried seeds as they are not attractive. Hence make sure that you purchase the Niger seeds that will last you only for few months.

  2. Do not confuse it with thistle seeds: Though Niger seeds are also called as thistle, it is not the ones that you often find growing along the fences or on roads.

    These are imported seeds that are treated with heat in order to sterilize it and to prevent it from germination during cold months.

  3. Niger seeds have shells: You will find black seed like shells on the ground, which would make you, think that the birds have threw the seeds on the ground.

    But in reality, the black shiny thing you see are its shells as the birds would eat the nuts inside it and would discard the hulls. Make a close examination to find out how its shells look.

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