Cricket Live Roulette: exclusive to Betway by Authentic Gaming

Cricket Live Roulette: exclusive to Betway by Authentic Gaming

Some live tables are available exclusively at one or more online casinos. For example, CasinoExtra Blackjack or Dublin Blackjack from the Evolution software are not available everywhere and are accessible on Lucky31. Well, its competitor Authentic Gaming has just launched an exclusive live table as well.

Cricket Live Roulette

This is Cricket Live Roulette which is only available at Betway online casino.

A game for sports lovers

As the name suggests, the live game Cricket Live Roulette from Authentic Gaming is all about cricket. The latter is a sport of bat and ball, somewhat reminiscent of baseball, which is mainly played in the nations of the former British Empire. It has been very successful in the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and India. These indian gambling sites are the most popular.

This is how the Indian Premier League, founded in 2008, has become an important international competition. And the main originality of Cricket Live Roulette is to allow us to follow the results of this famous league while playing the queen of casinos.

A nicely decorated studio to enjoy the classic rules

When we start a game session on the Cricket Live Roulette table of the Authentic Gaming software, we discover a beautiful decor. In the foreground, there is the famous table that brings together the roulette cylinder and the carpet to receive the bets. Then, we find the croupier in flesh and blood who will manage our games.

Behind him, a beautiful golden wall with a cricket stick on the left and the Betway logo on the right is visible. And between the two, we have the right to a screen that displays all the results of the Indian Premier League matches. We also have the possibility to access other leagues and tournaments.

Otherwise, Cricket Live Roulette uses the traditional rules of this classic casino game. In order to win money, it is necessary to anticipate the number on which the ivory ball will come to rest in the cylinder. In order to do this, you can bet on a single full number, two adjacent numbers, a cross of 3 numbers, 4 adjacent numbers in a square, a sixain of 2 crosses of 6 numbers in total, a column as well as a dozen of 12 numbers or a single chance of 18 numbers simultaneously.

A talented software program available on Dublinbet

As we mentioned in the introduction, the Cricket Live Roulette game from the provider Authentic Gaming is exclusive to the Betway online casino which is inaccessible in France in particular. Nevertheless, we can find all the other live tables of this prestigious software on Dublinbet for example.

Cricket Live Roulette

In its lobby, it is therefore possible to have fun on unavoidable hits such as Blaze Roulette filmed by several cameras to offer us a cutting like on television or Kensington Live Roulette broadcasted from the Forty Five casino in London.