5 thoughts on “Old Weird Herald

  1. What is the difference between MX and Tuna tires? is tuna just a brand name?

  2. Hello Slot Car Aficionados.

    I am working on a documentary of Buzzarama in Brooklyn. Part of the movie deals with the History of Slot cars. I am asking for your help as I am wondering how I could get a hi-res scan images of the American Modelcar Raceways tracks catalog. I am focused specifically on the Emperor and the King Track.

    I am also looking for any photographs of Hasse Nilsson. Pictures of him building tracks would be wonderful.

    I am also looking for a copy of Buzz Perri’s 1979 handbook on how to host a race on the Blue King Track. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.

    Warmest Regards, John Freeman

  3. hi folks…how are you all? i wonder if anybody has any info on Carrera’s X-pro electronic controllers and/or how to program them? any info at all would be greatly appreciated…thanks for looking, Happy Easter to those who participate.

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