Slot car racing still alive and well!

February 18, 2019



KENOSHA — Kevin Metallo still remembers when he first discovered slot car racing when he was a kid in the 1970s.

His dad had a slot car race track in his basement, and it gave him and his brothers a chance to bond with their father after his third-shift job.

It was also the trips to his uncle’s house in Kenosha that propelled Metallo into a love of the hobby. He and his brothers would often ride their bikes over to their uncle’s house, just four blocks away, to race on Uncle Ron’s track.

“His whole basement was a track. … It was just incredible,” Metallo said.

It’s now 40 years later, and Metallo is carrying on the tradition that his dad and uncle first introduced to him as a kid through “Hank’s Slot Car Raceway” — Metallo’s very own race track in his basement. On a few nights out of the month, you can find around 20 adults and children in Metallo’s Kenosha basement racing their very own slot cars.

“It’s still a pretty big hobby, people just don’t hear about it as much,” he said.

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