Nikki-Dee goes racing at Indoor Motorsports

Indoor Motorsports in Sandston, VA is featured by Nikki-Dee Ray on WTVR CBS News Richmond Beach, VA. Owner Andrew O’Bier put her to work, and let her get in some racing on the drag strip and oval track (where she apparently still was in drag racing mode). Nice report, but as a racer… I’d recommend she better not give up the day job! LOL :p

 – Paul K @ OWH

Nikki-Dee goes racing at Indoor Motorsports



SANDSTON, Va. — I recently got the chance to work at Indoor Motorsports in Sandston. When I arrived I had no idea what to expect. I immediately met the Owner Andrew O’Bier and he quickly put me to work.

The phone started ringing and the next thing I knew, I was gathering motor oil and headed out the door to deliver! I delivered to an mechanic shop. Everyone was so nice. I will admit, I wanted to stay to chat with my new friends, but I knew I needed to head back to the shop.

When I arrived back to Indoor Motorsports there were several people in the hobby side of the store.

Everyone had a box car decked out in their favorite colors and logos. They were getting ready for “Beat the Track Owner Night.”


I weighed each car and measured the distance between the tires, checking to make sure everyone car was up to standards. Next, it was time to choose an order. Everyone received a color that represented the lane they would start the race.

Just as I was about to say “GO” Andrew walked over and handed me a shinny blue CBS 6 Nikki-Dee box car! I was getting to race!

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Watch video and full article here: Nikki-Dee goes racing at Indoor Motorsports