Awareness Speedway

Mechanicsburg, PA 17050

Awareness Speedway is located in Mechanicsburg, Pa and is a new Chris Dadds track.

The reason we are calling it “Awareness Speedway” is because we are “raising awareness” of working with these “very special” Special Needs people.

The track is an 8-lane 11’w 15 deg banking x 22’L x 9’W 10 deg banking track. The track has a 75 amp Iota power supply and 2- 26 amp adj pyramid power supplies each powering 4 lanes.

We also have two 6.6 farad caps with Lapmaster timing software and hardware system. The track has Magnatech braid and is painted a dirt color to resemble a dirt track. We have pit space for 15+ people.

We are a private track that will be used by family & friends and have at least two open to the public races a year to help support the track.

The other mission will be to work with parents and their mentally challenged youths beginning January 2012. We will have them come to the track one at a time to play in a private setting.

The goal is to be able to eventually have them be able to race with each other. Then onto a combination field when they are ready to race with new people. We are going to be working with the NHS Carlisle Autism School.

We plan on having 2 or 3 races for dirt cars in 2012 to benefit the track.

Rodney & Cheriel Stuber – owners

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