John’s Slot Car Garage

12106 Edgeknoll Drive Riverview, FL 33569

Tracks are closed and for sale along the house.

Please see this thread for more info :

John’s Slot Car Garage – Riverview FL


04tracks1_zps8eadbfa7 John's Slot Car Garage - Riverview FL

Modified/shortened King Track and 200′ Hillclimb track.

From Nancy Ebersole at John’s Slot Car Garage:

To all racers that have been faithful to JSG:

I am sorry to say but as of 5-1-13 the Garage will be closing. This is bad news for all of you especially the ones that have just started buying your cars and supplies. I am going to put my house up for sale which will include the Garage as a package deal. That way the track can remain open for those of you who will still want to come and race with the new owner. I hope it will be someone that can keep it open on a full time basis so there will be a track in this area.

If anyone is interested in purchasing the property or may know someone who is, please contact me at 404 909-6862.

Again, I am sorry this has to happen. I appreciate all of you for the support of the track.

Although there will be no scheduled races, if someone wants to come over and play call me at 404 909-6862 and I will open the track for you.

Thanks to all

The tracks that John Ebersole put in at John’s Slot Car Garage are some of the best track surfaces I’ve ever had the pleasure to run a slot car around. If you’ve never had the opportunity to run on the “Shrin-King” or the “Humongous Hillclimb”, or for those of you who have but want to get in one more day of fun, you might want to make the trip to Riverview in the next month. You won’t be disappointed.

I know I am not alone in wishing Nancy the best wherever the future may take her, and graciously thanking her more than is possible for keeping the tracks running and available for our fun over all these past years. Thanks!!!

Rick (and Joey)