Alexander Rossi Slot Car Challenge

Indy 500 Winner Alexander Rossi takes on slot car champ Justin Colvin in a slot car race on Good Day Sacramento. Track provided by Fast Track Hobbies of Rocklin CA. Great promo on live TV for Fast Track Hobbies!

Rossi Race Challenge Pt. 3

The Good Day Sacramento hosts take on Justin and Tyler Colvin in the next slot car challenge race.

Rossi Race Challenge Pt. 1

To warm up for the slot car challenge… Rossi sneaks by a 9 year girl for the win in a Go Kart race. Following the Go Kart race, the Good Day Sacramento hosts show a teaser for the slot car challenge race.

Rossi Race Challenge

Indy 500 champ and Nevada City native Alexander Rossi makes a pit stop at Good Day while he’s in town spreading the word about his upcoming race at the Sonoma Raceway! Good Day was the only local station to talk to Rossi the morning after he crossed the Indy 500 finish line!

Now we’re putting Rossi to the ultimate test and seeing what kind of skills he has when it comes to slot cars. We’ve scoured the area to “track” down a slot car champ who’s willing to take on the indy car golden boy!

The folks from Slot Car Raceway & Hobby Shop in Rocklin are setting up some of their toughest tracks!!

GoPro Grand Prix of Sonoma
Sept. 15-17
Sonoma Raceway

Slot Car Raceway & Hobby Shop
6831 Lonetree Blvd # E102

Show info 4/3/2017: Alexander Rossi Slot Car Challenge