Scalextric ‘summit’ starts town-wide initiative to boost science in schools

FAST TRACK: Gary Taylor, left, DT subject leader at the Education Village, and Tim Brotherhood, a curriculum development manager for PTC


AMBITIOUS plans to turn a North-East town onto the thrills and spills of slot-car racing – and boost manufacturing and engineering skills in schools – are under way.

The idea is to make Darlington the first town in England where every secondary school has a flourishing Scalextric club.

The driving force behind the project is Councillor Chris McEwan, Darlington Borough Councils lead for economy and regneration.

“I am very impressed at the Scalextric 4 Schools scheme which encourages school students to get involved in building their own racing cars,” said Coun McEwan.

“Hopefully we can every secondary school in the town involved, which would be a first in the country,” he added.







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