Slot Cars in new Music Video by Jaust – “We Need a New Life”

A new music video by the band “Jaust” of their song “We Need a New Life” features a look at slot car racing at a local LA home / club track.

Throughout the music video, the video follows a night of 1/32 scale club racing on a 4 lane track that appears to be Scalextric. The footage includes racing scenes and in-car camera views. It also includes brief excerpts of interviews with the racers, telling about their involvement and enjoyment of the hobby, as well as showing some of the “behind the scenes” of building and preparation by the racers in the pits. All this takes place alongside the band’s song, “We Need a New Life”.

From the video’s description:

We’ve got the premiere of Jaust’s “We Need a New Life,” a tune about instant gratification eking it’s way into every aspect of our lives and the inevitable fallout that follows.

The video is a curveball, though, a peek into the lives of slot car racers in the Los Angeles underground. We don’t really know how they made the connection, but in some understated way, it works. It doesn’t hurt that the tune is absolutely ace and the subject matter of the video could be a documentary within itself.

Official Video on YouTube:
Jaust – “We Need a New Life” (Official Video)

There is also a write-up about the video on Gizmodo:
Jaust’s New Music Video Will Make You Miss Your Slot Cars