Audi quattro® Experience

The Audi quattro Experience & “Painting Coconuts”

The Audi quattro Experience video has gone viral – with dozens of 1/1 automotive, tech, & other sites posting articles about the Audi quattro Experience slot car track, the cars, and the ipad controllers. Many of them feature the short film about the making of the track, built by David Beattie of Slot Mods USA – “Painting Coconuts”:

There were also several related videos and teasers like this one:

As well as some in-car video:

Participants at the Audi quattro Experience track exhibit were also given a video of their driving experience, and many of those videos can be found on YouTube:

Audi quattro® Experience – racing videos

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Building the world’s greatest slot racing track

Congratulations to David Beattie and his team at Slot Mods USA for building yet another beautiful slot car track, being featured in a great film, and for getting so much exposure for their business as well as the hobby of slot car racing!

– Paul Kassens
Old Weird Herald / Slot Car Talk