Slot Car Racing

Posted: Apr 07, 2014

By Fran Riley

slot car racing

It’s life in the fast lane. A place where it helps to have a one track mind.

Larry Reavers  of Sterling has a twenty seven and a half foot drag strip.  He also has a one hundred fifty five foot hill climb track.

He has also designed a track which looks like the one at Pocono.

It’s Reaver’s Raceway, a place where Larry and his friends get revved up about slot car racing.

The cars and track operate on electricity.  The hill climb track has several turns to maneuver. On that track, faster is not necessarily better.

Pocono is more of a flat track where the driver has to have really good control of the car.

Every track is computer controlled to record timing and the start and stop in race mode.

The guys even put glue on the tires for better traction.

The record on the drag strip is about eighty nine miles an hour.

Larry says just about everything you can do on a real track you can do on his.

The guys meet on Friday nights to compete in a series of slot car races.

The cars are 1/24 sized model cars.

Slot car racing will take you for quite a ride.

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