Races2U incorporates Slot.It technology into its digital lineup

First commercial slot car track to run up to 20 cars simultaneously


Apr. 21, 2014


Races2U has recently invested in purchasing Slot.It Oxigen technology for some of it’s commercial slot car operations.  When digital technology was introduced to slot cars in the mid-2000’s, it was a huge advance over the analog slot cars that had remained virtually unchanged since the 1960’s.  Using digital signals passed through the control unit on the track, companies like Carrera, Ninco, Scalextric, and SCX created systems that would allow as many as 8 cars to run on only two lanes.

The slot car racing experience became multi-dimensional as now it was not just speed that needed to be controlled, but also lane changing and pit strategies. It also became easier for the home consumer to race against multiple opponents in basements and playrooms, not just in slot car centers.

There are some drawbacks to this technology though.  For the most part, each manufacturer’s technology is proprietary, and does not work with cars and tracks from other manufacturers.  Also, although 6 car racing on two lanes was a huge leap from 2 cars, it still does not approach the amount of cars seen in a typical Formula 1, NASCAR, or LeMans style race.

Enter Slot.It into the equation.  Slot.It has developed a system that uses radio frequency to control the cars actions, with cars and controls being paired through the air rather than having the signals multiplexed through the track.  This system allows 20 cars to compete at a time, and with many more features and more reliable than any of the other systems on the market.  One feature is the cars and controls can still be used with existing systems from most of the other manufacturers with little change or added investment required.

Slot.It Oxigen has been proven to work with Carrera, Ninco, and Scalextric digital tracks. Perhaps one of the best features is that the Slot.It controls do not have to be connected to a base unit, and are battery powered to allow a racer to stand or walk anywhere around the track, rather than be tethered to the track by a wired controller.

Although the Oxigen technology has been around since 2011, and the Italian slot car manufacturer much longer than that, it has not really had a presence in the US market, until now.  With the purchase of 30 of the company’s SCP-2 digital controllers with the Oxigen plug in, as well as several dozen of the chips to be installed in the cars.

Races2U is now the only mobile slot car racing provider in the US to offer this technology, and with that also the only company to be able to race more than 8 cars at a time on one track. Races2U recently debuted this at the Natural Gas Processors trade show in Dallas, Texas. The company will be featuring this technology at trade shows and corporate events in Austin, New York, Washington, DC, and Las Vegas in the coming months.

For more information on Races2U, visit the website @ www.races2u.com, and for more information on Slot.It, visit www.slot.it.

Warren Peck

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