Man Cave! Women Welcome. Slot Cars, Funny Cars and Guitars at Jim Kipp’s Private Collection

In the lobby of retired machinist and business owner Jim Kipp’s multi-unit warehouse stands Wile E. Coyote in a custom painted pin-striped suit. Senor Coyote is chomping a cigar and holding up a sign which reads “Women Welcome”. This comes as a relief to your humble author, who made quite a drive to scope out Kipp’s collection.

“I have friends with man caves and it’s very ‘boys only’,” Kipp said. “I want everyone to feel welcome here.”


“Here” is one of the coolest private collections we’ve seen in a long time. Every corner of the impeccable shop has something unusual lurking in it. Scale models of Chris-Craft boats sail past signed racing memorabilia and one-off custom surf boards. Inside the shop a full size slot car track circles a Funny Car body and a second drag race slot track runs the scale quarter-mile to end under a hoist supporting a bare metal 1930 Ford Model A–a birthday gift from Kipp to his wife in 2008.

Parked beside the Model A is Wild Willie Borsch’s Mustang II Funny Car. The real car, still wearing the cracks and psychedelic anodizing of its racing days.

Kipp and his brother house multiple cars, scale models and other automotive collectibles in the collection which is private and only open for select groups and occasional parties. We’re hoping to be invited to one of those parties.

Written by: Elana Scherr on September 20 2012 8:28 AM