2.4GHz digital wireless technology transforms 50-year old analog slot-car market


Posted by : Oslo, Norway


Traditional analog slot-car technology only supports one car per track and digital has yet to take off among slot-car enthusiasts due to a perceived ‘disconnect’ between the controller and car compared to the hard-wired ‘feel’ of analog. An Italian slot car and accessory specialist, however, believes it has finally solved the problem using a 2.4GHz Nordic Semiconductor based solution that end users can retrofit to analog cars and tracks

Ultra low power (ULP) RF specialist Nordic Semiconductor ASA (OSE: NOD) today announces that Italian slot car and accessory specialist – Galileo Engineering – has specified its 2.4GHz nRF24L01+ transceivers into what it claims is the world’s first digital slot car solution to support up to 20 cars per track (instead of one for analog and eight for existing digital), two different tracks (unique to Galileo), and lane changers, without losing the ‘feel’ of an analog system and so has the potential to transform the 50-year old slot-car market.


Marketed under the product brand ‘Slot.it oXigen’, Galileo Engineering’s digital solution comprises a nRF24L01+ based digital controller and end user installable car module plus an nRF24L01+ based wireless USB computer dongle that can atomically collect racing data from sensors on the underside of the cars (such as number of laps completed and lap times) without the need of a traditional lap finish track plate.


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