Speedway offers affordable slot car racing fun

by: Allen Earl

Speedway offers affordable slot car racing fun


American Victory Speedway offers slot car racing action to all ages. Richie Bean is the owner and operator of the 40-feet long, four lane racing oval located at 2273 North Hwy. 25E in Tazewell.

The cars are 1/24th scale slot cars that are much like real race cars. Many things are applied to these race cars that are used on full scale cars such as rear end offset, stagger, gears, weight placement and tire treating all with the purpose of increasing speeds.



Speedway offers affordable slot car racing fun_1The drivers qualify their cars, have heat races and run a feature just like at a full scale speedway. Races are timed and sometimes last over an hour depending on the racing action (crashes).

Richie Bean said “We want to see those cars go around the track as fast as they possibly can but just like real tracks we have a few rules to keep everyone competitive.”

Prices are affordable; if someone has their own car and controller they can race for $5 each event.

The speedway also rents controllers and cars for $5 making the total cost for a beginner only $10 for several hours of fun. Slot car racing is a great family sport that allows drivers both young and old to live out their racing dreams on a small but safe scale.
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