The Making of the Slot Car Video

By Charlotte Delaere | May 30, 2014

Not everyone is so lucky to spend a work day racing slot cars. Fortunately, in April I got the chance to with my colleagues Bert and our MulitMediaMan Paolo.

Paolo filming the slot car video.

In case you haven’t seen our new slot car video yet, you can watch it below:


I had never raced slot cars before, but once I tried it out for myself, I realized how fun and competitive it can be. We went over to the Brussels neighborhood of Jette where Willy, a retired store owner, let us use his track. I can say that Willy is a true slot car enthusiast. When his store Freezslot was still open, it was still filled with slot car models and accessories, and the track next to his shop was a hot spot for hobbiest to race their models.

Freezslot when it was still open for slot car hobbiests and racing.
Willy Heerwegh in his younger years. This photo was taken just moments after he was titled the “Champion de Belgique Slot Racing Sport Europa” in 1985.

We raced four different cars that day. Three of them were designed by Bert de Niel and the other one was the Arthropoda, the winning design of the i.materialise slot car design contest.

For the background, we used a 3D-printed model of the Atomium, which is the “Eiffel Tower of Brussels”. The model has varying surface textures and structures that are available in 3-matic.

Overall, the filming was a blast! I look forward to going to RAPID in Detroit on June 10th to see more slot car racing!


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